Goofy Award Winner

Igor “Punch A Zionist” Sadikov Reveals University Intolerance

This “gentleman” Igor not only encouraged people to  punch a person with a certain religious point of view, but the board of directors of the student society of McGill University rallied to support him. A smear on Canadians view that we are collectively so tolerant.

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Extremism Play-doh & Coloring Books

Justin Trudeau a terrorist. A white supremacist. Well a group with extremist tendencies are declaring just that. In between demanding safe spaces where no-one with an opposing point of view would be allowed.

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Trump Wall Critics Busy Building Walls Themselves

Rich movie stars & politicians are against the Mexican Wall. Dig a little deeper and those same critics are busy erecting walls between themselves & the great unwashed. They want to be safe of course, but everyone else/ Well they’ll just have to deal with it. 

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The Women’s March on Washington – Opportunity Lost

Was it progress or just a rehash of the US election? Did Madonna expletive rant advance women’s issues? And what’s up with celebrities going after Donald Trump’s 12 year old son.

Last Weeks Goofy: Its a Competition Between Mike & Justin




This Weeks Goofy: Its a Competition Between Mike & Justin

There were two candidates for this weeks Goofy, Michael himself as well as  Justin Trudeau speaking off the cuff in Sherbrooke Quebec. Guess who won?

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This Weeks Narcissistic Goofy Award

It was a “narcissist daily double” as two self-important Hollywood celebrities outdo themselves this week as they, by virtue of being actors, tell us all what we need to be doing and media gang up with them.

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