Quote of the Week, Shocking Stat & The Goofy Award

Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

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Quote of the Week at 0:00

Wait til you hear the story of Oberlin College going after a mom and pop bakery – falsely accusing it of being racist. And the ensuing $44 million judgement against it.  Another example of extremism run amok on University campuses.

Shocking Stat of the Week at 3:05

In the environmental battle between plastic bags vs paper or cotton ones.  Most people are dead wrong about what’s best for the environment. The numbers will shock you.

Goofy at 7:14

Just before Elections Canada backed off on its “non-partisan” plan to use hand picked “social media influencers” to help get out the vote – they backed off because of the blatant political leanings of the chosen few.  And taxpayers got stiffed with the bill.