Goofy Award Winner

Two Goofy’s This Week

A journalist has a problem with math, but it was the controversial ruling against an LPGA Golfer that took home the gold in this week’s goofy.

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Yikes! And They Still Work at Montreal’s Airport!!!

Hard to feel comfortable knowing that 4 employees working at a major Canadian Airport regularly surf “How to make a homemade bomb”, and pro ISIS websites???? No loss of job, they still work there!!!!

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A Major Flashing Red Light

“Intellectual intolerance, a political one-sidedness is the antithesis of what our Universities should stand for.” A perfect example of just that sort of intolerance occurred at  McGill university this week.

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20 Year Olds Need More Tenderness & Coddling

University managements are going to extraordinary lengths to prevent anyone from being offended. Removing whiteboards from an educational establishment?? To prevent someone from writing a word a student might find offensive? It’s even worse than that……

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100,000 Oil Workers to Get Knifed in the Back

Alberta premier Rachel Notely has been forced by political reality to support the Kinder Morgan and Keystone XL pipelnes. However, her hand picked co-chair of the NDP’s Oil Sands Advisory Group wants more than 100,000 workers to lose their jobs. Shut down. Morte. Muerto. Dead as a doornail.

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The future of energy in Alberta below:


Non Verifiable Statements….

……and non-actionable rhetorical hyperbole. How’s that for Greenpeace’s legal defense and description of its lying while attempting to drive a company out of business

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