Goofy Award Winner

Lightweight Virtue Signaling Causes Heavyweight Problem

Back when Donald Trump was in the news on immigration, Prime Minister Trudeau sent out a tweet that has come back to bite him and Canada really hard.

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Scouts Honour

This weeks Goofy winner is Donald Trump for his version of “telling the truth” about his speech to 40,000 Boy Scouts.

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Rodney’s “Not so Lucky” After all

Dallas Cowboy return specialist Rodney “Lucky” Whitehead was cut from the team after being arrested for shoplifting. But wait, Rodney “Lucky” Whitehead didn’t do it. The real culprit gave Rodney’s name and Social Insurance number in a case of mistaken identity. In an interesting turn of events, Rodney remains cut from the team!

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Lucky Whitehead

The Peak In Media Fawning?

This week’s Goofy comes from a reporter who really lets fly against Prime Minister Trudeau. You be the judge…..

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A Double Whammy Goofy

You just can’t make this stuff up! And another whopper from Justin.


The 500 Million Dollar Celebration of Canadian Culture

The 1/2 a billion dollar celebration ends up being Mike’s Goofy Award Winner as some genius chose an Irish Rock-band as the headline music act!

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