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100,000 Oil Workers to Get Knifed in the Back

Alberta premier Rachel Notely has been forced by political reality to support the Kinder Morgan and Keystone XL pipelnes. However, her hand picked co-chair of the NDP’s Oil Sands Advisory Group wants more than 100,000 workers to lose their jobs. Shut down. Morte. Muerto. Dead as a doornail.

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The future of energy in Alberta below:


Non Verifiable Statements….

……and non-actionable rhetorical hyperbole. How’s that for Greenpeace’s legal defense and description of its lying while attempting to drive a company out of business

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Bill Gates Brilliant Idea

Brilliant may not really be the word to describe Bill’s proposal to tax robots and train humans with the money. Taxing productivity and involving government in both collecting and retraining?

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Igor “Punch A Zionist” Sadikov Reveals University Intolerance

This “gentleman” Igor not only encouraged people to  punch a person with a certain religious point of view, but the board of directors of the student society of McGill University rallied to support him. A smear on Canadians view that we are collectively so tolerant.

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Extremism Play-doh & Coloring Books

Justin Trudeau a terrorist. A white supremacist. Well a group with extremist tendencies are declaring just that. In between demanding safe spaces where no-one with an opposing point of view would be allowed.

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Trump Wall Critics Busy Building Walls Themselves

Rich movie stars & politicians are against the Mexican Wall. Dig a little deeper and those same critics are busy erecting walls between themselves & the great unwashed. They want to be safe of course, but everyone else/ Well they’ll just have to deal with it. 

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