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They Chose Rape, Beheadings and Murder


In one of the most controversial stances of the year. Prime Minister Trudeau vows to rehabilitate returning ISIS fighters. His Minister of Safety disagrees.

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Some Climate Change Advocates Working Against Taking Action

Exaggeration, misleading claims of certainty and false statements along with the “no questions allowed” attitude of some climate change advocates are undermining support for taking meaningful action.

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Executing a Counter Productive “Me To Strategy”

The “Me To” hashtag has become politicized and by nature it has sent it to extremes here in Canada

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Diversity? Not when it comes to opinions

You can’t makes this stuff up. At least when it comes to the departure of Apple’s VP of Diversity and Inclusion – who left the job after saying that diversity extends beyond skin colour and sexual orientation.

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Really, Are We That Stupid?

The Federal Government pay’s a “Deliverology Guru” 200 Grand for a report that says Government has not failed to deliver on any of its 364 priorities. Nope, not one. Not even the balanced budget promise (you’ll laugh when you hear the language used as cover for that one!)

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Canada’s Governor General Politicizes Her Office

There was nothing insightful about her comments, and begs the question, is the role of Governor General to chastize those she doesn’t agree with?

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