Mike's Daily Comment

The new revenue in the province of Alberta rose 56% in the last 10 years. The Shocking Stat is 95% of every tax dollar that came in went to Government Salaries & benefits….


The seeds for the next financial crisis has been sown. In a blink of an eye an incredibly important financial event has occurred that will effect us all….


Suncor is cutting 1000 jobs and slashing its budget in a response to low oil prices. Other companies are doing it too. Revenues are collapsing everywhere, including Government revenues. Peoples lives are getting upended and communities are reeling…..


Last weeks Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showed some really cool innovations. The Incredible Advancement in Robots has massive implications for the service industry & there is much more to come. Now the problem isn’t minimum wage, its no wage at all. Even the media isn’t safe! Last spring a story on an earthquake was wholly written by a software algorithm.


We’re living through an incredible historical change. A time when Big Government, big public sector unions and bureaucratic elites are up against Governments who are running out of money…


President Obama wants to see free tuition for everyone for two year, in a nation where there are more prisons than there are colleges….