Mike's Daily Comment

Don’t miss this commentary by Michael if you want to laugh your guts out & cry at the same time!


right now 1/2 a dozen European countries have negative interest rates, you give your money to the Government they guarantee to give you less back. Friday the Swiss Franc rose 30% in an hour, Copper dropped 3% in one day last week while Oil has dropped 59% in the last 3 months. Do you really think this is business as usual….


The Big Quantative easing takes place tomorow, almost certainly a disaster…


The proposed Translink tax will likely fail because of what government has done with the money already….


Alberta’s revenues are collapsing bringing on predicable calls for higher corporate taxes. But as Nobel Prize Winner John Prescott states, the idea that you can increase taxes and stimulate the economy is pretty damn stupid….


The new revenue in the province of Alberta rose 56% in the last 10 years. The Shocking Stat is 95% of every tax dollar that came in went to Government Salaries & benefits….