Mike's Daily Comment

How To Increase Productivity – As the Federal Election gets into its second week, there is lots of talk about economics and finance. Make no mistake……

An Understanding of Economics and Finance – The real world is very different from a Federal campaign for office. The free lunch mantra…..

Raising the Minimum Wage – Raising the minimum wage is all the rage for politicians who love to trumpet their great concern for the poor. Unfortunately, here are the facts……

WorldWide Deflation in Commodities – The sharp drop in oil caught most politicians and economists by surprise. So what did they miss? Michael says number 1…….

Election Campaigns – It seems like the entire political industry took Kim Campbell’s observation to heart when she said “Election Campaigns are no time to discuss complicated issues”

Jobs that haven’t been invented yet – An Australian study concluded that 65% of pre-school children will be working in jobs that haven’t been invented yet. That raises the question of what we should be teaching our children