Mike's Daily Comment

Spending and the Economy – The historical evidence is conclusive. When you cut tax rates, employment always goes up says Nobel Prize Winning Ecomomist John Prescott. Even the NDP…..

Declining Commodities & The Federal Election –  Governments in Canada have been getting about 26 Billion from the resource industry, 18 Billion from Oil alone. The smashup in the commodity markets, the Stock Market in the last few days should change the Federal Election. Here’s why…..

Watching the market plunges – Michael’s up to the minute thoughts on the 8% drop in China and the 3rd consecutive day of declining North American markets, includng the 1000 drop at the open.

Government Doesn’t Run The Economy – The Federal Government, Provincial and Municipal Governments all have a role to play. Today Michael states bluntly that all Governments hardly have a pivotal role to play…..

Worried About a Huge Chunk of the Economy –  On jobs and Government revenues. The impact of the decline in Oil, and with Copper at 6 1/2 year lows, Iron Ore off 46%, Nickel off 40%, Natural Gas of 30% from this time last year

Time To Put Duffy In The Dumpster – Here is a little bit of unsolicited advice for the Liberals and the NDP with regard to the ongoing trial of Mike Duffy over $90,000