Mike's Daily Comment

Net Family Income And The Government – We are only a couple of weeks into the Federal Election, and it is clear the most popular political pandering is directed to……

The Oil Discount – Oil Sands Oil is at a record low at $20 a barrel and the Bank of Canada says that the weakness in Oil is more that anticipated

Buyers With Money Are Spending – Buying Vancouver Real Estate. Despite Chinese devaluations and stock market crashes Chinese buyers are leading the charge……

Its Time To Pay Attention – The Chinese Currency Devaluation has the potential to disrupt markets and the economy as much as the sub-prime mortgage crisis, or any major crisis in recent history

A Question – What’s going on Globally is far more serious than we seem to appreciate. The big one?  The Chinese Central Bank devalued their currency by 2% which sent Stock Markets around the world reeling

The Worlds second largest economy triggers a WorldWide financial earthquake. It was a big surprise this morning when China’s Central Bank acted, and the effects will reach you, your neighbor and everyone in Canada…..