Mike's Daily Comment

Undermining Personal Pensions – Public Sector Benefit recipients are retiring earlier, living longer thus collecting benefits longer. Now Pension shortfalls are dramatic and the taxpayer is on the hook for them. There is a way out…

Understanding Commodities – Mike on the Commodity Index, which measures 20 different commodities, that just hit a 12 year low yesterday. 

Debt in the Windy City – The City of Chicago has had its debt downgraded to Junk Bond Status. That simply means either more tax increases of cuts in benefits. Trouble is, the problem is coming to a City near you….

Government Bonds are a Sad Joke – Save a million and get only $16,500 interest/year in a 10 Year Gov’t Bond!!!! A great deal for borrowers, horrendous deal for savers. 

Another Major Wake-Up Call – That’s what the Bank of Canada’s lowering of interest rates yesterday was. Along with the confirmation that growth in Canada contracted so far this year. We’d better begin to get clear…..

People ducking everywhere – acountability is just no fun for leaders used to the “no questions asked” approach to spending other peoples money. That seems to be about…….