Live from the Trading Desk

Live from the trading desk: The Big Themes Keep Making Money

Victor is having a happy Thanksgiving – thanks to his continued understanding of what the big picture money makers are doing in the market.

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Live From the Trading Desk: Big Moves & Trouble in Europe

Victor Adair on the OPEC decision and the 5% move up in Oil, the drop in Gold and the top story internationally the European banking crisis with the problems at Deutsche Bank.

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Live From The Trading Desk: Current Risks In The Reach For Yield

For most of us the investment markets are one big puzzle. Victor Adair makes sense of it by talking about the big trends moving markets. One such trend is the complacency in the interest rate markets.

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Live From The Trading Desk: Look Out Below

Victor and Drew Zimmerman review the reasons for their short position on the Canadian Dollar, the Stock Market, Gold and Crude Oil. Their only bullish position is the US Dollar and in this segment they explain why that is. 

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Live From The Trading Desk: Look Out Below

Victor Adair is positioning himself on the short term to take advantage of multiple markets that look to be heading down, Oil, CDN Dollar, Gold. Even a short sale is the only position he wants on Stocks right here.

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Live From The Trading Desk: Brace Yourself

Victor tells Michael that the Stock Market has become fat and happy under the acronym “Tina”….which means “there is no alternative”. He has put on initial short positions in anticipation of a sudden change moving into the fall given both volatility and complacency are in dangerous territory. Bottom line, big changes are afoot in Stocks, Bonds and Currencies and just about everything else as we move into the fall, short positons are the alternative to take advantage although not in the US Dollar in which he is bullish.


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