Live from the Trading Desk

The Dog Days Of Summer

Live From The Trading Desk: Everyone’s gone to the beach. Volumes are low but there are still some things you should do —- hint: gold. 

Also, Making Sense of Market Action from Aug 6th.


Making Sense of Market Action

In this weeks Live From The Trading Desk Michael asks Victor for his opinion on the broad global market environment as well as his specific trades in Stocks, the CDN Dollar, precious metals and interest rates.

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Live from the Trading Desk, Victor Adair talks the big changes that got him out of the market this week.. and why that’s an approach we should all take.  

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Live From The Trading Desk – Victor Adair updates his US Dollar trading position as well as the Canadian Dollar, Gold. He has also taken a bearish option position on the Stock Markets

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Key Reversals

Actions in the markets this week indicate that the rush to safety post Brexit is over as emotions got pushed to far, interest rates have likely seen the low for the year, and more

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Victor Adair on how money seeking safety has flooded at the same time into both US Treasuries and Gold