Live from the Trading Desk

Silver’s on Fire

Another wild week of trading in global markets. Some very interesting comments on the dramatic rise in Silver, up 7% in one day alone.


Big moves on friday as Victor believes the market was postioned for Britain to remain, then there was the Brexit vote. Anyone who bought the Dow in the last three months is now offside. British pound has a record breaking move. Victor think its going to get worse as the market goes risk off, and everyone is going to buy US Dollars, Gold and senior US Government debt while they sell…..


In Live From the Trading Desk Victor explains his reasons for shorting oil at its recent peak just over $50. Since then its fallen 10%. Victor on where its likely to go next plus a synopsis of all his other trading positions. Also a discussion with Michael of the effects on markets of the upcoming Brexit vote


In Live From The Trading Desk Victor elaborates on the sentiment shift that occurred last week, also spells out his specific positions on the CDN Dollar, Oil and Gold


Victor gives his opinion on featured guest Danielle Park’s view of the US Dollar, he review’s a US Dollar turning point he observed a few weeks ago, and tells listeners what is positions are in the markets right now. 

also Mike answers: 

A Vital Question

How does a simple economic contraction turn into a huge mess like we experienced in 2008? The first step is it starts with a system based on confidence, and when that goes all hell begins to break loose