Live from the Trading Desk

Live From the Trading Desk: Huge Moves – Time to TipToe Short Term

The Dollar & Bonds market reaction to Donald Trumps election has been massive and the movements dramatic. Its time to step carefully depending on your time frame. Victor on the likelihood of a Fed interest rate move and the huge ETF sales in the Gold.

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Live From The Trading Desk: Making Sense of a Wild Week

Explosive swings in the markets this week with the US Dollar, Interest rates, & the stock market rising. Gold down &  Currencies in the emerging markets are getting smashed.

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Live From The Trading Desk: Raking in the Cash

Victor Adair on all of the significant enough changes in the market that he has taken profits and gone to a cash position, closing his short Gold, short Stocks, short Euro, short crude oil and lightening up on his Canadian Dollar position.


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Zeroing in on the State of the Markets Now

We took profits on short Gold positions for gains of ~$90. We are neutral on gold and we remain USD bullish, and have yet another reason to be bearish CAD. Our trading accounts have been short US Notes and Bonds for the past several weeks as interest rates have been rising. The stock market looks toppy and much much more. 

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Live From The Trading Desk: US Dollar Sets Up For a Move

Everything is so connected that a move in the US Dollar has broad implications. Believed to have made a low in May, the US Dollar has broken out of a chart formation and moved through a downtrend line. What comes next …..

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Live From The Trading Desk: An Astonishing New Low

The British Pound just set a 168 year low, proving what Victor regularily says that currency markets often trend far further than expected. Also Victor short bonds expecting higher interest rates, short crude oil and more…..

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