Live from the Trading Desk

Live From The Trading Desk: The Sharp Increase in Expectations

Interest rates in the US are a record higher levels than other countries. Victor on the expectations for Fed action, and the various markets reactions should the Fed make its move

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Live From The Trading Desk: Volatility & Trump Analysis

Victor brings us up to date on the critical state of volatility. Trump triggering an correction next Tuesday during the State of the Union address and the TSE

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Live From the Trading Desk: Commodities Take Off

Victor on all the new highs in stock indexes plus now the rise in the major commodity indexes which are up about 23-30%. Lumber up 45%, copper up 45%, coal up 100%….

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Live From the Trading Desk: Trump Turmoil

Victor thinks that you’ve got to get your world view right. The world has changed and the markets are coming around to the view that Trump is going to do what he said he was going to do. Currency markets react. the US dollar down the last 6 weeks in a row after hitting a 14 year high.

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20,000 Dow but Will It Hold

Live from the trading desk, Victor talks bonds, stocks and trading in the Trump era, a time that appears so vastly different from the last 8 years.

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Live From the Trading Desk: Interest Rates Attracting Capital

Rising interest rates following the Trump election has boosted markets significantly. Higher interest rates appear to be on the horizon triggering a massive sea change in so many markets

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