Live from the Trading Desk

Live From The Trading Desk: Has The US Dollar Topped?

Since the early January 14 yr high the US Dollar has dropped 7%.  If this key market continues its impact on all World Markets will be dramatic. Not least on the Canadian Dollar which has Victor moving from Bearish to Bullish

….also Michael’s Feartured Guest Lance Roberts: The Markets Have Already Priced In Positive Events

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Live From The Trading Desk: Canadian Dollar Front & Centre

Victor on some data that just came out about the Canadian Dollar that shows massive negative sentiment on the Canadian Dollar.

….alsoL Featured Guest Tyler Bollhorn on Interpreting What the Market is Telling Us

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Live From the Trading Desk: Markets Moving From Pillar to Post

Victor on where to go now that his short oil trade has dropped $10. Where he thinks the Euro is headed with the French Election overhanging the market. More on the violent moves currently being seen in the Canadian dollar.

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Live From The Trading Desk: Will The Trump Agenda Succeed

The market psychology has been banking on Trump lowering taxes and regulations. Victor on recent changes to that psychology and its effect on key markets.

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The Canadian Dollar: Look Out Below!

In this weeks Live from the Trading Desk Victor lays out the very bearish case for a big drop in the Canadian Dollar. Interest rate differentials? A German investor can earn an extra 2% buying equivalent US Bonds, & these kind of differentials affect the flow of capital to many nations, Canada included.

….Michael’s Featured Guest: “You Won’t Believe What Our Top Oil Analyst Says Is Coming Next”


The Fed, Market Sentiment & Market Moves

Victor on why the up moves in markets after the Fed announcement of a hike in rates. Where to now short term in markets with a special focus on crude oil.

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