Live from the Trading Desk

Live From the Trading Desk: The Big Question

Before getting to all of the markets and whether they should be bought or sold, Victor answers the question whether the Trump rally in Stocks and interest rates has peaked.

….A Shocking Stat That Will Knock You Flat


Live From The Trading Desk: Long & Short Term Positions Now

Victor Adair covers the recent action in Gold, Interest Rates, Crude Oil, CDN Dollar, US Dollar and the very powerful Stock Markets. Also Victor on what he is doing long term to protect all assets.

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It Was Time To Take Profits

Victor on the recent collapse in Precious Metals that motivated him to cover his short position. More on the CDN Dollar, 14 yr high in the US Dollar, 14 yr low in the Euro, Stocks, Bonds and a market that has made a big move producing a big opportunity – Crude Oil

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Vienna Meeting Sends Oil Gushing

After Opec cut, non-Opec producers has met in Vienna and cut as well. Victor on how high before a turnaround. More on Gold, Canadian Dollar, Interest rates, currencies and basic commodities.

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Lucas gusher

What’s Next For Rates & Crude Oil

Victor focuses on the dramatic shift in interest rates and answers the question whether the big market moves since Trump was elected are overdone. Victor also covers the sharp move in crude oil, Gold, Stocks and other markets.

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Huge Moves – US Dollar Hits 13 Year High

The US dollar is up 10% since May when the Canadian Dollar made it high for the year. Victor on the huge moves in the currency markets, Gold, Stocks and interest rates and the 28% move in Copper in the last 5 weeks.

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