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Canada’s Heavy Immigration Is The Last Pillar Preventing A Recession

Canada’s booming population growth is the only thing separating the country from a recession. There’s been a lot of talk about Canada’s massive growth in gross domestic product (GDP). There’s also been a lot of talk about Canada’s population boom, driven largely by immigration. However, few people seem to be discussing what the combination of the two means. When looking at GDP per capita (i.e. in the context of population), growth is falling at a rapid pace. In fact, lower growth has only typically been observed around recessions.

GDP Per Capita

The term is simple enough to figure out, but the reason it’s more important than a straight GDP read is less obvious. Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure of a country’s aggregate economic output. That is, a measure of the total value of goods and services created/provided in a country. GDP per capita is the value of those goods and services, divided by the number of people. By just dividing GDP by the population, you get a much better view of the numbers.

A country may have large economic growth, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot if the population is growing faster. By itself, GDP is the world leader equivalent of a d*ck measuring contest. The primary benefit is being able to compare your economy to another. If GDP per capita is falling though, it means your population may be suffering from an eroded standard of living. Now what do you care more about? That your economy is bigger than a country you’ve never been to? Or whether you and your neighbour are seeing the benefits of economic growth?…CLICK for complete article

Pound Continues To Slide As No-Deal Brexit Looms

The pound is taking a pounding versus the dollar, euro and other currencies as the possibility of a no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely.

Under new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the government has strengthened its stance on a no-deal Brexit, which it has said is “now a very real prospect”.

The pound – which was trading at about $1.50 versus the dollar before the EU referendum in June 2016 – has fallen by 2.4% since Monday, when a spokesperson for Downing Street said that the UK would not enter talks with Europe unless the so-called Irish backstop is scrapped.

This week’s selloff shows little sign of a rebound, with options markets implying more pain on the horizon. Three-month implied volatility, a contract that expires just before the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline, jumped to the highest since before March 29, the original date for Britain to leave the European Union….CLICK for complete article

Goofy Award – Climate Change For the Rich and Connected

Just like they did in medieval times when the rich paid the pope money to forgive their sins – some of the most vocal climate elites pretend carbon offsets give them a free pass on their carbon munching lifestyles.

Shocking Stat

While there are no shortage of people who have an opinion about people paying their “fair share” of taxes – not many actually know who pays how much in income taxes. Stats Can clears it up.

Mike’s Editorial – Respecting Work Ethic

It’s been obvious for years that an increasing number of Canadians don’t respect or value work ethic – the drive and determination that lays the foundation for financial success – and three of our federal parties know it.