Economic Outlook

3 Stocks to Hold in a Slowdown

Canada experienced a sharp slowdown in growth in 2018, and this has continued in the first months of 2019. Fortunately, the Bank of Canada and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are both calling for improved growth in the second half of the year….CLICK for complete article

Goofy Award – Worst Fears Realized

The federal government’s $600 million subsidy for select media has many worried about their independence but even the most cynical are shocked by the who the government chose to decide which outlets get the money.

Complete Show – May 25th

Mike talks about the unanimous court decision squashing the BC government’s push to usurp federal jurisdiction over pipelines. You don’t want to miss respected analyst, Greg Weldon roadmap explaining what’s coming next for interest rates, currencies and stock. Plus we have a great Goofy award.

MoneyTalks Special Report – Investment Opportunities & Pitfalls for the Rest of 2019

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I am very pleased to be able to offer this time-sensitive compilation of exclusive analysis and insights from some of the best financial minds in the English-speaking world. It is nothing short of awesome to have this much material produced exclusively for MoneyTalks subscribers. This was achieved based on over 3 decades of relationship and friendships, and I want to thank these folks again for agreeing to participate.

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Chapter 1 – Seasonal Investing for the Rest of 2019 – Short Term Pain & Long Term Gain by Don Vialoux

Chapter 2 – Canadian Energy Stocks Waiting to Surf the Coming Global Manufacturing Wave by John Johnston, PhD

Chapter 3 –  Lucky Seven Seven Major Macro – Market “Themes” for the Rest of 2019 by Greg Weldon

Chapter 4 –  Why I’m Worried and What You Should Do by Lance Roberts

Chapter 5 –  Gold will be a Good Hedge and Other Ideas for 2019 by Dr. Martin Murenbeeld

Chapter 6 –  The Trend Letter – Our Investing Strategies for 2019 by Martin Straith

Chapter 7 –  From Energy Bear to Energy Bull:  Where to Invest in 2019-2020 by Joseph Schachter

Chapter 8 –  Cannabis & Healthcare by Paul Beattie

Chapter 9 –  Stock Picks – Taking Advantage of Low % Rates & Other Factors by Tyler Bollhorn

Chapter 10 –  The Bullish Case for Big Returns in U.S. Treasury Bonds by Patrick Ceresna

Chapter 11 –  Real Estate – A Case of the ‘Yeah But’s’ Again? by Ozzie Jurock

Chapter 12 –  Massive Healthcare Cost Boom – Crisis & Opportunity by Ryan Irvine

Dow Scrambles To Avoid Fifth Straight Weekly Loss

Trump surprised stock markets today following some encouraging statements regarding the ongoing trade spat between the U.S. and China.

Stock markets rose at the opening bell on Friday morning, a day after a sharp sell-off, as sentiment was damaged by observations from President Donald Trump planning for a speedy end to the extended trade war with China….CLICK for complete article

National Energy Board Report

Gasoline pricing and the role of Trans Mountain pipeline in British Columbia’s gasoline supply.

CLICK HERE for the full NEB Report.