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What’s behind the biggest spike in our cost of living in over 30 years. Hint: it’s not greedy corporations or companies trying to make up for lost Covid revenues.

Jeff Olin Q & A – Tuesday May 10th

Jeff and his team have been kind enough to carve out some time to answer questions from our MoneyTalks listeners. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with one of Canada’s most successful real estate investors and fund managers. The online session begins at 11am pacific / noon mountain on Tuesday May 10th.

The session is entirely free and you simply need to register with your email address. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.

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The amazing, breathtaking, shocking blindspot in the knockdown drag out fight between free speech and censorship.  Elon knows which side he’s on. How about you?

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Mike takes our leaders to task on their economic ignorance, or perhaps more telling, their dismissal of the financial impacts for the average Canadian.