Bonds & Interest Rates

Which countries might implement negative interest rates next?

The world is currently navigating through uncharted economic waters as the coronavirus lockdown has sent many economies globally into a significant recession. Historic monetary and fiscal policy has been deployed these last few months, which seems to be far from over.

Now many economies are beginning to consider negative interest rates due to the lack of options to combat a recession. Historically, Central Banks would have the option to dramatically cut rates to help stimulate the economy, but today throughout all major economies, interest rates are already at extreme lows. Read More

Big Fat Idea – Time to Add Copper to Your Portfolio?

Kodiak Copper CEO Claudia Tornquist joins Mike to talk about the supply and demand situation for copper, it’s importance to the green technology revolution, and where investors can look for good copper assets and companies in the stock market.

The Fed’s Are Looking For a “Big Idea”

But there’s no big idea to supercharge the economy when the biggest obstacle is that so many politicians don’t think growing the economy should be the top priority.

What Michael Jordan Taught Us About Leadership

In the fabulous documentary The Last Dance Michael Jordan – unlike the Prime Minister and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh – never took a summer off. Unlike our federal leaders, he led by example.

Premier League Soccer Season Will Resume June 17: Virus Updates

Safety guidelines are yet to be issued by the government and decisions will remain subject to the government’s strategy for suppressing the virus while moving away from lockdown.

Play was suspended on March 13. When it restarts next month, it will have been exactly 100 days since Leicester City’s 4-0 win over Aston Villa on March 9, which marked the last game played in the season before the pandemic forced the suspension of play…CLICK for complete article

Charting the Rise and Fall of the Global Luxury Goods Market

The Rise and Fall of the Global Luxury Goods Market

Global demand for personal luxury goods has been steadily increasing for decades, resulting in an industry worth $308 billion in 2019.

However, the insatiable desire for consumers to own nice things was suddenly interrupted by the coming of COVID-19, and experts are predicting a brutal contraction of up to one-third of the current luxury good market size this year.

Will the industry bounce back? Or will it return as something noticeably different?

A Once Promising Trajectory

The global luxury goods market—which includes beauty, apparel, and accessories—has compounded at a 6% pace since the 1990s.

Recent years of growth in the personal luxury goods market can be mostly attributed to Chinese consumers. This geographic market accounted for 90% of total sales growth in 2019, followed by the Europe and the Americas…CLICK for complete article