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Private Real Estate Trust Launch Event

TVC Private Real Estate Trust is pleased to invite you to join them in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary to learn more about the opportunity.
Key focus of the trust is :

  • Focus on capital preservation
  • Return of investor capital plus 7% hurdle rate before profit split
  • Diversified across 5 real estate classes
  • Quarterly redemptions available
  • Term approx 7+ years
  • Eligible for RRSP/TFSA

Victoria May 7th @ 6:30pm – CLICK HERE to register

Vancouver May 8th – CLICK HERE to register

Calgary May 9th @ 6:30pm – CLICK HERE to register

Mortgage stress test accounts for up to $15B drop in new mortgages in 2018: CIBC

Ottawa’s new mortgage stress tests accounted for at least half of the decline in new mortgages started last year, according to a new report by CIBC that calls for the measure to be revisited amid a falling housing market.

The total value of new mortgages fell by…Click here for full article.

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada Deflate

Canadian housing markets are in a category of their own. No housing market in the US – no matter how crazy Housing Bubble 1 was, which began to implode in 2006, or how crazy Housing Bubble 2 is or was – can hold a candle to the most splendid housing bubbles in Canada. Instead of a Financial Crisis and a mortgage crisis and Housing Bust 1, the bubbliest Canadian markets only had a little-bitty dip, and within months were back on track to what would be an 18-year housing boom that is now coming undone…Click here for full article.

Invest in BC’s Napa Valley of the Future

OLIVER HEIGHTS Development – Available Now

A real estate investment opportunity first presented at the 2019 World Outlook Financial Conference on Feb 1st, 2019. CLICK HERE to view.

For information on available lots, home options and ROI for rentals contact Nina Parente at nina@psmarketing.ca or Laurence Putnam at Laurence@psmarketing.ca

BCs Napa Valley



Bank Of Canada Maintains Overnight Rate Target

Bank of Canada

“Today the bank of Canada announced that they will not be increasing the overnight lending rate. This is a good sign that past rate increases have made an impact and the BoC is observing the change.

The next BoC meeting will be January 9th, where they will revisit increasing rates.” Kyle Green, Owner, Green Mortgage Team

The Bank of Canada today maintained its target for the overnight rate at 1¾ per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 2 per cent and the deposit rate is 1½ per cent.

The global economic expansion is moderating largely as expected, but signs are emerging that trade conflicts are weighing more heavily on global demand. Recent encouraging developments at the G20 meetings are a reminder that there are upside as well as downside risks around …Click here for full article.

Canada’s Commercial Market Promises an Even Stronger 2019

Commercial Real Estate

By all current indications and trends, interest and investment volume in Canada’s commercial real estate market will enjoy a strong 2019, a new report from Morguard Corporation assured.

In its 2019 Canadian Economic Outlook and Market Fundamentals Report, Morguard stated that the commercial segment’s attractiveness to a wide range of investors will remain its key feature well…Click here for full article.