Shocking Stat

“New Meaning of the Word SPIDERMAN”

This is the grossest creepiest shocking stat ever. The appropriate response is Yuk …. just after a little shriek. For more commentary go to

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Numbers That You’ll Want to Hear

Shocking Stats – You’ll Never Guess Mike found when he slipped past the bull while searching for the Truth! Important information that effects you and yours dramatically.

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Infrastructure Spending Will Save Our Economy!

At least that is what the politicians will tell you. Unfortunately Mike dug into the numbers and he’s just getting warmed up with “only 11 cents on every dollar will be spent on a useful project.” So where the rest is going?

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Party Time Student Loan Madness

It’s a bad time with all the talk about “free education”and trillions in student debt for this set of statistics to come out. Taxpayers on the hook for student loans are going to be shocked at what students are spending that loan money on.

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The Gross Shocking Stat of the Year

This sickening stat comes from a study of swimming pools in Canada, and argues strongly for skipping the experience of using one.

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