Shocking Stat

The Seeds Of A Revolution

Keep your head down because in the US 67 Government bureaucratic agencies, non-law enforcement and unrelated to the Dept. of Defense, are huge buyers of guns, ammunition and body armor. The same Government that is trying to get guns out of citizen’s hands is creating an army of bureaucratic employees with serious weaponry……..the numbers are shocking….

Also: Michael Campbell on the The Dominant Driver of Capital World Wide


Shocking Stats!

European banks are in a league of their own with massive losses. The numbers are staggering


How’s this for a change –  some shocking numbers that have a positive effect on all involved. Warren Buffett certainly agrees


Shocking Stat: Turns out breaking the law does not make one ineligible for office say these US Poll numbers. Good heavens we’re in trouble


This weeks Shocking Stat demonstrates the European Union’s response to the Sovereign Debt crisis was to hire Hundreds of thousands of highly paid employees to advise on vitally important legislation covering mineral water, flavorings… goes on to the degree that there are so many bureaucrats they outnumber a European army.

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