Shocking Stat

In The Desperation for Government Revenue….

….one of the areas that is a measure of that urgency is in the rising cost of speeding tickets. Strap in, the numbers and methods of collecting are astonishing!

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The #1 Reason To Fear The Decline of Western Civilization

In this week’s shocking stat, wait till you hear the number of hours spent watching Netflix, Youtube and Television. The real shocker is what people have spent 1/2 a billion hours watching. Yikes!!!

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Shocking Stat: European Bureaucratic Monster Eats Britain Alive

The stifling bureacracy composed of European laws and regulations on top of individual Country laws and bureacracy has created a monster in the form of European Control of Britain. Here it is By The Numbers, and its not pretty. 

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Is It a Nightmare or a Joke?

The Auditor General’s report on your big partner, the Canada Revenue Agency, illustrates just how badly the agency treats taxpayers. The numbers will knock your socks off

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“New Meaning of the Word SPIDERMAN”

This is the grossest creepiest shocking stat ever. The appropriate response is Yuk …. just after a little shriek. For more commentary go to

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