Mike’s Saturday Editorial

The Big Economic Lesson The Progressive Left Ignores


00:53 – 07:01 – Mike’s Editorial – Some economic lessons are just too tough for the politically motivated to understand but when costs and prices change so does behavior. 
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Lower taxes + Higher Economic Growth = Higher Wages…Duh


01:15 -05:08 – Michael’s Editorial – This week Walmart joined dozens of other companies in raising salaries – clearly stating the reason was the Trump tax reduction. It’s always been one of the great ironies that self described champions of the working poor pushes higher business taxes, which the research consistently concludes results in lower wages for workers. 
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They pay no price for being wrong…dead wrong


Job losses, pension underfunding, billions in energy revenues lost…no worries. Our political class pays no price for being wrong but the rest of us do
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The Political Establishment’s Goals When It Comes To Major Events


01:06 – 06:59 – Michael’s Editorial: The political establishment, the commentariat, special interest groups give no indication that they really know what’s going on. Their goal is to obfuscate. To blur, muddle, confuse and befog the issues to their own end. It’s insulting….

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Our Person Of The Year

01:44 – 06:15 – Michael’s Editorial – In a world where so many talk the talk but don’t walk the walk – a 22 year Teaching Assistant displayed the character and courage that is so regularly absent in our public debates. And in doing she put the relentless attack on free speech in the national spotlight. 

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It’s Outrageous When You Think About It!


01:05 -05:34 – Michael’s Editorial – Canada spends a record amount of money on healthcare while wait times for treatment are the longest they’ve ever been. A Supreme Court Ruling said that 1,000’s of Canadians are suffering needlessly, even dying through the lack of timely access. Meanwhile Canada bans any private Healthcare solution for everyone….. except our MP’s, their familys, injured union workers, Federal prisoners and the military who all access private facilities with no wait times. 

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