Mike’s Saturday Editorial

There Are No Warren Buffets In Government

Making policies changes that would produce incentives to create jobs vs Gov’t giving struggling companies 100’s of millions of your tax dollars actually in the end costs the economy jobs.

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Michael Bursts a Bubble

Mike spears a massive fallacy perpetrated by the political class, and defines the key to economic growth…. whether it be Federal, Provincial or Municipal.

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Key to economic growth

The Financial Pressure is Building to the Exploding Point

Government inefficiency and wasting money is something virtually everyone has come to expect. The increasing push from politicians and political action groups towards a distracted voting public is to expand the role of government to correct the very problems that it itself creates. A solution we no longer have the financial luxury to afford.

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Symbolism vs Practical Reality, Specific Policies & Measured Results

The most significant trend in a lifetime is the split in our society between those who are all talk and no action, and those who seek effective ways to solve societies pressing problems. The violent reactions between the groups may be just the beginning of a sea change.

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The Financial Pitfall of The Green Agenda

Concern over climate change doesn’t excuse the failure to do cost/benefit analysis and financial viability assessments on taxpayer funded projects and policies. Sadly, to date those issues are not even a consideration and as a result big money has been blown.

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Roger Pielke has updated his chart to show how the current hurricane drought shatters all previous records, going back to 1900. The rising trend line means more days between Category 3+ hurricanes:

Major Warning: What’s Next Will Be Explosive

The movement to reject the powers that govern, or influence thought in Western Democracies is gaining momentum. Change will be significant, including on the financial markets which will be impacted dramatically.

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