Mike’s Saturday Editorial

Warning: They’re Coming After Your Money


Michael’s Editorial: We are in a long term trend, an anti-establishment movement where increasingly in so many new areas things are taken to extremes. You can see it in the demand that there should be absolutely no discussion, no questions allowed on global warming, pipelines or for that matter the whole progressive adgenda. The assault on free-speech is increasing, and it will increase until society in general is dramatically changed. Michael issues another warning, that they’re coming after your money too. 




Buckle Up: The Most Dramatic Change in Generations

The fallout captured by JP Morgan who said “You can ignore economics and finance, the scary part is they won’t ignore you”.

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When People Pay No Price For Being Wrong

…you end up with horrendous decisions. Michael lays out a gripping example that has nearly 40% of Canadians crying in their pillows at night.

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Careful What You Wish For

In the US the latest missteps and scandals of the Trump administration have now morphed into talk of impeachment. You might even be one who’d like to see Trump impeached, just be clear that if the process begins investors worldwide will pay a heavy price.

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Evidence & Research – A Stake Through the Heart of Idealogues

Can we afford to hurt the economy by any more by ignoring evidence based policies? Whether its the Kinder Morgan pipeline or GMO foods, evidence is the enemy of politicians.

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Why You Should Care

All of our Social Programs are predicated on more people entering the work force than leaving it. As that is no longer the case in Canada, the financial foundation of Old Age Pension, Healthcare etc is no longer valid!

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