Mike’s Saturday Editorial

The Truth – Its Time to Blow It All Up

There is so much work to be done. An example can be found in Los Angeles where the judiciary, government unions and politicians  have conspired to award a certificate for life after 2 years to 98% of teachers. Despite California students ranking at the bottom in the entire US. No wonder teachers send their own kids to private school!

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The Main Investment Theme For the Next Decade

The primary trend affecting your finances, politics and the economy over the next  decade or more is the loss of confidence and distrust in Government.


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The One Great Big Lesson From This Week’s Economic Update

We’re all familiar with the expression – Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me. But what about – fool me every single election campaign, and we’re idiots. 

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The Blatant Media Bias

The media’s preference for Hillary Clinton in the US election shows a lot of disrespect for the public and destroys any pretense of impartiality.

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Powerful Trends That Are Changing Everything

We are living the age of consequences. The decline of the welfare state. The decline in confidence in government, media and other institutions. The key question? What impact will these major trends have on stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, food prices…. and ultimately you

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The Downfall of the Mainstream Media & The Stirrings of a Revolution

In the US millions have become so disillusioned by a one sided media plus clear evidence of collusion by the FBI and IRS to get Hillary Clinton elected. With European Governments mistrusted and fighting in the streets in the US, there is one forthcoming financial issue that could be the death blow for trust in Government institutions and the media. The pension crisis is mathematical. The big question, when government workers no longer get their pension check, and millions no longer trust the democratic institution, what comes next?

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