Mike’s Saturday Editorial

The Great Divide – Thinking With Your Head vs Knowing with Your Heart

There is no getting away from the massive divide in the US. Emotions are at the boil. The questions is – where does that lead? One obvious answer is increasing social unrest and violence.

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Insights on the Donald Trump Presidency

In a nation divided between those who think with their heads and those who know in their heart, Donald Trump asked if Citizens have gotten the value they deserve for the taxes that they have paid. Continuing an ongoing revolution, Trump has stuffed cabinet stuffed with accomplished businessmen to trigger big changes on the horizon.

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Fake News Rings Hollow

The media has a great concern about fake news, an issue that only became one when their favorite Democrats did not win the US Election. Michael on where this political advocacy and groupthink is going.

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Freedom Equals Economic Prosperity

Freedom is under assault around the world, especially in institutions of higher learning. Whether it is Global Warming or the lauding of Fidel Castro, the signs are here and it is time to do something about institutionalized political correctness.


Both Sides Don’t Trust the System

God knows I don’t want to be talking about the US Election. But what is going on right now has long term implications for society. Russian hacking and fake news are all designed to delegitimize the election process. That will have consequences. 

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Public vs Private Sector Compensation: It Is Just Not Fair

The gap between public sector vs private sector  compensation is huge. Its not so much the higher wages, its the pensions. Unfunded pensions now, that ultimately the poor private sector worker will ultimately be asked to pay off with higher taxes.

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