Mike’s Saturday Editorial

Bolstering Trudeau Re-Election Doesn’t Justify Debt

If we’re going to take on more debt even when times are good, there better be a good reason tied to making the economy more productive. Pet projects and special interests don’t cut it.


We’re Giving Away Billions

In 2008, California’s Corporate Ethics created and financed the plan to – in their own words – “land-lock the tar sands” so it would be forced to sell at a sharp discount.  With the aid of Canadian groups like the Green Party, the BC NDP, Leadnow and Tides Canada – they’ve succeeded. Canadian oil sells for $12 while the US gets $56 per barrel costing our government  billions.


Why Do We Pay Taxes?

Adrienne Clarkson’s $100,000 Expense Account Reminds Us

We pay taxes when we work. We pay taxes when we spend or invest the money left over. Of course, it’s the price we pay for “civilization.’ You know, things like the $5 million temporary ice rink at the Parliament Buildings or the $2.2 billion on the Phoenix Pay System that the Auditor General calls an unimaginable failure. 


The Ultimate Financial Reality – Interest Rates Are Rising – Get Ready For the Consequences

It doesn’t matter which political party you support. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the left or right. Higher interest rates are going to cost taxpayers, consumers and home owners. 

rising rates2

Mike’s Editorial – Why Is Government Putting People OUT of Business?

The biggest obstacle to businesses surviving and thriving? Government. The combined tax and regulatory burden on small business is astounding.