Mike’s Midweek Comment

Bank of Canada Interest Rates, the Economy & Misery Loves Company

Today the Stephen Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada said they are keeping rates the same for the 15th time in face of uncertainty.  Also his views of the economy, challenges from the US including the selloff of their strategic oil reserve and more….

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Political Uncertainty & The Stock Market

The markets show weakness on the heels of Donald Trumps political problems that suddenly place his market positive tax agenda in jeopardy.

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Whose in Charge of BC Now?

Big Challenges as BC gets Minority Government – NAFTA, healthcare, Softwood Lumber tariffs, the efficiency of the tax system, are just a few of the problems made suddenly more difficult.

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A Dive Into April’s Real Estate Numbers

A big overall decline of 25.7% in sales this Apri vs last April, but single family detached sales down 39%. Dramatically reduced supply is keeping prices firm. Much more….

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Trade Troubles & Real Estate Slowdown

It’s election time and the effects on markets and provinces of Donald Trump saying up to a 20% average tariff on softwood lumber is big news with 60,000 jobs in BC on the hook, especially with some other duties running as high as 35%.

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Affordable Housing – The Missing Ingredient

The Vancouver Board of Trade hosting a Forum on Affordable Housing, the Provincial and Federal ministers preparing “to do something” about Toronto’s blistering hot market & Mike fills in the gaps with what’s missing in the current discussion.

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