Mike’s Midweek Comment

Bank of Canada Monetary Forecast – Parliament Votes on Getting High

Some optimism in the Bank of Canada Forecast, rate hike & inflation on hold?  Marijuana taxes a windfall for Canada? Mike on the forecast for revenues less expenses including comparisons to legal drugs (alcohol)

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Heads Begin to Spin As The Countdown(s) Begin

How are the Liberal promises for income taxes done by May 1st holding up. What changes, where are the increases and will the middle class tax cut reduce the overall the tax burden fall as promised? A bounce back from the BC Governments attempt to cool real estate? Meanwhile Toronto considers a similar program to cool off theirs  up 33% in the last year.

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Brexit – Trudeau & The Budget

The two big stories, British Prime Minister hands in notice of Britain leaving the Union, and Prime Minister Trudeau is on tour pitching the Liberals new budget.

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The Fed Hikes Rates & What’s Coming Next

For those with excessive debt increasing rates are most unwelcome. How many more are coming and what markets will higher rates effect?  Also Michael comments on some Canadian Bank hanky panky.

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Buckle Up – Here Comes The Federal Budget

Mid-Week Update – A lot of things have changed since the CDN Liberals took office. Tonight the key issues and the likely effects on the budget from our Southern neighbor. Will the US raise their interest rates?  If it does, and if they cut taxes…..what happens to Canada…..

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Mid-Week Update: Rate Hikes – Trump – Disappearing Pensions

Trump may not be liked by 1/2 the US but after his speech to Congress even the press gave him a credit. Rate hikes on the agenda and so are solutions to the iceberg of unfunded pensions.

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