Mike’s Midweek Comment

Mid-Week Update: Trump Says NAFTA’s a Bust


Posturing or reality? We’ve just finished the first week of NAFTA negotiations and already Trump is saying no deal will be reached. Two of the worlds biggest companies team up to take on Amazon.

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“NAFTA Fatally Flawed


The Americans come right out of the gate talking tough on NAFTA, not a good sign for what Canadians have come to understand is a critically important agreement for Canada. That said the numbers look better for Canada than for Mexico. Apple announces they are going to spend a Billion on streaming video, meaning the 76 Billion being spent on TV ads is going to get split even further as these transformative technologies continue coming down the pike. 

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North Korea – Uncertainty & Underlying Strength

Mid-Week Update: The stock market shakes off North Korean uncertaintly & hits new highs this week, so do markets that refuse to go down want to go up? Tesla in the news bringing focus onto electric cars and the future of Oil & Gas. Geopolitical uncertainty triggers movements in the US Dollar & Gold.

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Dow 22,0000!


Good news for investors as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed for the first time over 22,000. That’s up 20% since Donald Trumps election as confidence continues moving towards the private sector. TSE lags, minimum wage going through in Ontario while BC is setting is up its own commission on minimum wage.

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A Victory? Petronas cancels $36B LNG Project

As B.C. jacked up demands Petronas has decided to pull out of a great industrial project with good high paying jobs and tax revenue to fund social programs. The construction phase was supposed to create 4,500 jobs alone. Also what does the recent run up in the Loonie mean for interest rates. Higher? Lower?


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No LNG 0 0

How worried should Canadians be?

…how worried should Canadians be!

Canadians have been gobbling up US Real Estate and are a now 2nd in dollar value to China and number 1 in units. And the gap between the US and Canada on Trade might not be as bad as previously thought and consumers will benefit.

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