Mike's Daily Comment

Another Minister Tells The Truth

Three cheers for the Minister of Middle Class Prosperity for confirming that all that pandering to the “middle class” was just political horse manure.

Cudos to Chrystia Freeland

In an interview with the Financial Times, Deputy Prime Minister Freeland states the one basic truth that should guide Canada’s climate change policy. At least before we waste more money.

Michael Levy: The Transporter 4: McCallum’s Revenge

Times are changing, ride hailing is a worldwide reality and Surrey’s Mayor Doug McCallum doesn’t seem to be willing to adapt at any cost.

Complete Show – Jan 25th

It’s a scary trend – critical thinking out the window as fringe ideas go mainstream.  Peter Grandich told us to buy gold at $1200 – it’s now $370 higher but what’s next?  Plus a Quote of the Week featuring the biggest political sex scandal in US history.

Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth With The CBC

Taxpayer funding for the CBC is $1.2 billion annually and rising but tv ratings are falling along with ad revenues. Are taxpayers getting their money’s worth.

Greta At Davos Lecturing Business and Government Leaders on Their Climate Failures

No it wasn’t a Monte Python skit – but it could have been given Greta’s message is to dismantle the “colonial, racist, patriarchal systems of oppression that have created and fueled” climate change. Still they applauded.