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BC NDP Helps Propel Alberta’s United Conservatives to Victory

Faced with a choice between his NDP cousins in Alberta and grabbing power in BC through a coalition with the Green Party, which meant any cooperation or  “social license” on the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion had no chance. And neither did Rachel Notley and the NDP in the Alberta election.

Getting Only Half The Story Right

Proponents of a carbon tax love to point to BC as an example of a carbon tax that didn’t hurt the economy.  The problem is – they missed the key point.  The original carbon tax legislation gave back all the money raised to individuals and business through lower income taxes. Now the NDP’s changed that.

Alberta Election Results Must Watch TV for British Columbians

The Alberta provincial election may bring the chickens home to roost for the BC and Federal governments thanks to their insensitivity to the financial and social hardship their “actions” have caused for so many people living and working in Alberta.

Complete Show – April 13th

Mike talks about the relentless government assault on our wallets while super trader Tyler Bollhorn talks about the key indicators that tell him when to buy and sell stocks.  Plus we have a new inductee into our Goofy Hall of Fame – and it’s so well deserved.

Just Asking ‘Cuz Virtually No One Else Is

Is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies for electric cars the most cost effective way to reduce emissions once the emissions during the manufacturing of electric vehicles vs traditional cars is into account – as well as the emissions from the power source of the electricity used and battery disposal?

Making A Monster Bet On The Future Of Oil

The world’s biggest company, Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia just issued $12 billion US in bonds – which left $88 billion in order unfilled.  But the big story is what the offering tells us about the future price of oil.