Mike's Daily Comment

Michael Levy: A Quick Move on Oil

How will the US strikes on Baghdad affect the price of oil?

Michael Levy: Playing Politics with Ride Hailing and Peoples Lives

What happened to the promise of having ride hailing implemented in BC by the end of 2019? With a political debt to the taxi lobby there’s no reason to rush.

Is It Okay To Admit Some Good Things Happened in the Last Decade?

There’s more to the story in the last decade than pending climate catastrophe, increasing political divisions, white privilege, and pipelines.

If You Could Make Only One Wish For 2020

A wish that could have a major impact on our public discussions, policy debates and the way we do politics – what would it be?

Complete Show – Dec 28th

Let’s start with the biggest question in reviewing 2019. Mark Milke drops by to discuss his most recent book. Plus our year end awards for Quote of the Year, Goofy of the Year and the shocking stats that blew people away while outraged others just for bringing them up.

Still No Ridesharing in BC

Calgary and Edmonton should be laughing at this one. Toronto too. Despite many promises – Vancouver and BC don’t have ride sharing. And amazingly – “progressive” politicians tell us to ignore one of the biggest changes in society – the advent of the sharing economy.