Mike's Daily Comment

A Sneaky $1.9 billion Tax Grab In BC Only

In Alberta and other provinces, the Parliamentary Budget Office says rebates will cover the cost of the carbon tax. In BC, the government has said no – they’ll keep the lions share of the money.

I don’t personally but do you? Because the government’s hand picked panel on the future of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter thinks you do. Obviously, they don’t like this messy “free speech” thing in the Charter of Rights.

A Full Frontal Assault on Your Freedom – The Question is Who Cares

If the government panel looking at the future of the internet, TV and radio has their way the government will know everything you watch and read on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and anything else on the internet.

Complete Show – Feb 1st

Liberal Minister finally puts the context for Canada’s actions on the climate file. One of Canada’s best known analysts, Don Vialoux gives the lowdown on his favourite investment play of the year. And don’t miss the most outrageous goofy of the year.

Predictably – the Government’s Solutions is….More Government

What a surprise – or some would say tragic. Government’s solutions are always gets back to more control, increased taxes and more bureaucrats to administer it all.

Is It Too Much To Ask For A Little Consistency

The same people who continually tell us that we’re not doing enough to alleviate poverty and demand that government do something – push anti-growth policies and aren’t concerned about government taxes and waste.