Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – April 27th

Gasoline rises 20 cents a litre and the really loonie ideas come out of the woodwork.  Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin explains why he’s never had a down year with his unique way of investing in real estate. And you won’t want to miss Mike’s shocking stat and goofy.

Private Real Estate Trust Launch Event

TVC Private Real Estate Trust is pleased to invite you to join them in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary to learn more about the opportunity.
Key focus of the trust is :

  • Focus on capital preservation
  • Return of investor capital plus 7% hurdle rate before profit split
  • Diversified across 5 real estate classes
  • Quarterly redemptions available
  • Term approx 7+ years
  • Eligible for RRSP/TFSA

Victoria May 7th @ 6:30pm – CLICK HERE to register

Vancouver May 8th – CLICK HERE to register

Calgary May 9th @ 6:30pm – CLICK HERE to register

It’s Official Canada Gets a “D”

Really…how couldn’t we see this coming. Anti-business sentiment, higher taxes and regulatory costs along with efforts to derail two of the countries most important industries – real estate and oil – but somehow we’re surprised at the latest downgrade for economic growth.

Some People Love High Gas Prices – They Just Won’t Admit It In Public

Let’s cut the BS. We can’t have it both ways.  If climate change is a problem then record high gas prices can’t be.  If big new government programs and higher salaries and benefits are the goal then high gas prices can’t be a problem.

Protest Anything You Want But Please Know What You’re Talking About

Irony, ignorance or hypocrisy – you tell me which word best describes this anti-oil and mining protestor – sadly she’s got a heck of a lot of company. (Photo thanks to Robert Buffam @CTVNewsRob)

Simply Put – It Scares The Hell Out of Me

The latest report from the trustees of the US Social Security System projects that it will run out of money in 15 years.  Why do I get the feeling that our political leaders have no clue as to monumental implications for not just the US but Canada and the world.