Hot Properties

The Surprise Jump in Bank of Canada Rates

Michael asks Ozzie what he thinks the impact of the unexpected interest rate hike will be on mortgage rates and the market in general

…also from Michael: Why are politicians – left and right – increasingly despised by reasonable people?


Michael’s Real Estate Warning

Michael shares a costly mistake he himself made in real estate and gets Ozzie’s advice on how everyone can avoid stumbling into the same costly scenario.

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Hot Properties: Chinese Money Changes Direction

Ozzie Jurock on the massive change in investment money coming from China. Also Ozzie on the most interesting real estate story you will ever hear! The latest on the big story – what is happening with shopping malls in North America.

….also from Mike: It’s Time To Unmask Politicians


Toronto Home Prices Plunge as Buyers Retreat

Ozzie Jurock on a huge misconception that some people have when they invest in real estate plus the latest Toronto numbers following their foreign buyers tax.

….also Mike’s Big Super Defensive Fat Idea

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While the National Association of Realtors says China is still #1 buying US real estate a massive increase & a new high in buying now comes from Canada!

Draconian New Mortgage Stress Test

The impact of a new proposed new Stress Test for mortgage applicants could remove even more people from the buy side of the housing market. Michael gets Ozzie to elaborate on what he calls this ” fairly draconian measure”.

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