Hot Properties

Ozzie Jurock’s Latest Real Estate Numbers

According to Ozzie some of the high ends of the real estate market have run into difficulties according to recent reports. His “Hot Property” is a dinger though!


Ozzie And The Real Estate “Golden Visa”

The Real Estate “Golden Visa” you can buy in Spain Portugal and Greece triggered a lot of interest last week so Mike digs deeper with Ozzie mentioned last week. Ozzie argues money is on the move to Canada, it this intereview he expands on other places money is moving..

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3 Countries To Have an Enchanted Retirement

“What is the best place in the world to retire with $2 Million or less?” Ozzie answer’s Mike’s question with 3 European Countries!

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Warning: Beware This Real Estate Pitfall

Ozzie Jurock warns of the mess that some of the pre-sale projects turn into & advises how to protect yourself from encountering problems. Also Ozzie recommends a Hot Property in Harrison Hot Springs!

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Ozzie Jurock’s Latest Real Estate Recommendations

Ozzie’s track record has been remarkable, Surrey BC up 60% last year, Seattle, Phoenix, Coquitlam, Burnaby….the list goes on but what he wants you to know is where to go now

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Ozzie Jurock’s Global Perspective

Real estate guru Ozzie Jurock is back from his round-the-world adventures. He dives right into the implications of Canada’s new speculation tax, prices and Hot Properties

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