Hot Properties

Government Remains the Enemy of Affordable Housing

Canadian Governments at all three levels have gone after the real estate markets with a variety of taxes fees and levies. The new stress test is one of the sharpest instruments they’ve brought in and results just in are not pretty!


The Do’s & Don’ts of Buying An Island Property


Ozzie goes over a comprehensive list of factors to consider if you’re inclined to buy an Island property off the coast of BC.


Ozzie’s Worldwide Property Price Scan

Ozzie looks at property prices, and to put a perspective on what is happening in Canada Ozzie looks at European & other foreign prices some which will surprise you.


Ozzie Jurock’s Latest Real Estate Numbers

According to Ozzie some of the high ends of the real estate market have run into difficulties according to recent reports. His “Hot Property” is a dinger though!


Ozzie And The Real Estate “Golden Visa”

The Real Estate “Golden Visa” you can buy in Spain Portugal and Greece triggered a lot of interest last week so Mike digs deeper with Ozzie mentioned last week. Ozzie argues money is on the move to Canada, it this intereview he expands on other places money is moving..

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