Hot Properties

Ozzie Jurock’s Global Perspective

Real estate guru Ozzie Jurock is back from his round-the-world adventures. He dives right into the implications of Canada’s new speculation tax, prices and Hot Properties

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Untangling CHMC Reports

In this weeks Hot Properties Ozzie describes some rule of thumb measurements drawn from CMHC reports to evaluate investment properties

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Uh Oh – Government’s Manipulated Real Estate Market

Michael and Ozzie have felt that it was wrong for Government to make real estate rules and policies on the basis of only two Canadian markets, Vancouver and Toronto. Now they have the numbers that are going to make a lot of potential real estate purchasers very, very unhappy.

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Good News For BC’s First Time Home Buyers

Ozzie Jurock outlines the “Home Partnership Program” which allows for a no-interest loan for up to $37,500 to match a down payment!

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The Incoming Tax Changes Effect on Real Estate

Ozzie talks about the hit some real estate investors are about to get with the new proposed tax changes.

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The Timing is coming to fruition

Michael has had his eye on Calgary Edmonton Real Estate for some time now, and checks with Ozzie Jurock to see if he agrees the timing is ripe.

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