Hot Properties

Guard Yourself From Gov’t Revenue Search

Hot Properties: Ozzie on the change in Government in BC and what it might mean for real estate, not just in BC but also in Alberta.

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Hot Properties: Inexpensive European Real Estate

Ozzie Jurock reports live from Berlin, noting that though its been 27 years since the wall came down people are still leaving eastern areas leaving real estate cheap.

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Ozzie From Stockholm

Mike gets the latest from Ozzie Jurock on the European real estate markets as well as the government intervention there.

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Hot Properties: A Normal Spring Market?

Ozzie notes the exploding market in Victoria and the condo market in the Fraser Valley and points out the areas & provinces still representing value. More on the implications of the foreign buyers tax and 3 hot properties (12 acre lot with nature pond 89K!)

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Hot Properties: Good News For Alberta

Posting a surge in employment, a 5% increase in Calgary prices and a bullish 20% decline in real estate listings Alberta is turning the corner.

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Freakonomics & Real Estate

Freakonomics argues that economics is, at root, the study of incentives. Ozzie and Michael cast a light on Real Estates driving incentives in this world of excessive cumulative regulation, Government intervention & ever increasing taxes.

….also Michael’s Weekend Editorial: There Are No Warren Buffets In Government