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Big Fat Idea – NanoOne Technologies

Dan Blondal of nanoOne returns to update Mike on the transnational cooperation that is underpinning new breakthroughs in the battery industry.

Socialism’s Shocking Failure in Venezuela

If Socialism unrelenting record of failure in every country it’s been tried hasn’t been enough to dissuade media darlings like Naomi Klein and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez from pushing it in Canada and the US but maybe these numbers from socialist Venezuela will.  But then again – probably not.

It’s A Fact Whether You Like It or Not

The most uncomfortable fact for pipeline opponents is that, for the First Nations groups who live along the Coastal Gaslink and Kinder Morgan pipelines, it’s all about a generational opportunity to alleviate poverty and raise the standard of living on reserves.  That used to matter to the progressive left but obviously not any more.

Latin American Stocks Back In Fashion For 2019

With the crisis in Venezuela and more than a dozen major presidential elections in only two years, investor appetites for Latin American stocks riding a precarious wave of instability had dwindled—but the hunger is now re-emerging, with Brazil becoming all the rage.

So far this year has been the start of a Latin America comeback, now that 14 presidential votes are over and there’s room for investors to think optimistically about stability and reform, excluding Venezuela, of course. They’re eyeing a boost in economic growth that has attracted new emerging market investment money….CLICK for complete article

Morgan Stanley Upgrades Walmart, Says Premium Valuation Is Justified

Gutman said over the past five years, Walmart’s U.S. EBIT contracted on average by 52 basis points but management’s dedication towards cost control, expense leverage, stopping all store expansions, zero-based budgeting, and moderating e-commerce dilution will help U.S. EBIT margins expand by one basis points. EBIT can expand without the need for the company to give up its reputation of offering customers low prices and a high level of convenience….CLICK for complete article

Netflix Receives Its First Best Picture Oscar Nomination For ‘Roma’

Netflix is no stranger to Academy Award nominations, but the film — which follows the life of a live-in housekeeper to a middle-class family in Mexico — is the company’s first chance at bringing home the top prize. Netflix is up against a strong competitor in “Black Panther,” which was the highest grossing film in North America in 2018 with more than $700 million in ticket sales….CLICK for complete article