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How Democracy Ends

How Democracy Ends:

COVID19 policy shows a (potential) path to the end of America

The pandemic events of 2020-2021 outline a potential pathway for a future democratically elected President of the United States to systematically end democracy. The course of events leading to this outcome need not be a repeat of the direct assault on the Capitol, but a distortion of risk of illness as a justification for military force and suspension of democratic norms.

Sometime over the next quarter century, it is inevitable that America, and all nations, will experience a cold and flu season above average. In a typical season approximately 40,000 Americans may die, but it is possible an above average season may see 80,000 or more deaths.

Inevitably some location(s) in the country will experience a surge in cases. Television news will show overworked hospital workers, and report that Intensive Care Unit beds have nearly run out– of course, ICU’s often operate near capacity, so this finding alone may not be that noteworthy, but in our attention economy, it may be sensationalized. Some afflicted individuals will be young children– typical for the flu, and these anecdotes will surely be emotionally salient. A video of a young boy or girl on life support machines may be used to show how dire things are. These events will then serve as an opportunity for a strong federal response…read more.

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Thank goodness the new quarantine rules for international travel weren’t in place when our politicians “my tan is essential” were travelling around Christmas.

You won’t hear any of the politicians who are promising economic recovery tell you about this:

The World Bank ranks Canada 23rd (and falling) for ease of doing business. I can hear entrepreneurs saying “no kidding, Sherlock” while millions of Canadians are saying “what’s your point.” But sure, we care about the economy. How do I know? Our politicians who make business so tough to do, told me so.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.”
~ attributed to Scottish Academic, Alexander Fraser Tytler, 1786