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Missing the Mark

The media, in its characteristic insularity and myopia, has instead chosen to pathologically fixate on a constant stream of Culture War inanities that stem loosely from this ongoing “movement” — such as the propriety of various statues and monuments, whether various food brands and sports teams are racist, and whether various micro-celebrities need to be “canceled” for some imagined transgression. They are also beset by the various hyper-moralizing staff revolts within their own elite institutions, leading them to adopt an inordinately “inward” editorial disposition on account of their own neurotic personnel issues. Under these narcissistic conditions, real-world human suffering becomes less of a pressing concern.
~Michael Tracey

“If the media seriously wanted to report the news — instead of spinning it — they could stop calling rioters “protesters.” – Famed Economist, Thomas Sowell

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan Warned of COVID Crisis in January

The Canadian Forces Medical Intelligence Unit warned Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and other government departments about the COVID-19 crisis on January 17, 2020

“Canada, for reasons that go unexplained, missed the opportunity to do proper risk assessments, to seize the opportunity of early warning and to get the response planning into gear,” –  Wesley Wark, one of Canada’s top intelligence experts. -CBC

The Latest Cockroach To Crawl Out From Under the We Charity Scandal

Oops – they misspoke again. As the CBC reports, We Charity didn’t get the $912 million contract for the student volunteer program as the Prime Minister stated. Instead it went to the newly minted We Charity Foundation, whose stated purpose is to “hold real estate” and only received Charity Status last year. And has absolutely no track record of performance in any area let alone administering a near billion dollar program.

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7 Weeks into the Corona Markets and 2 Big Questions Remain

Regular listeners to MoneyTalks know that we’ve been warning since last September about a major change in the markets starting on January 20th. We featured Martin Armstrong, who forecast a panic to hit in the last week in February. Four months later, at the World Outlook Conference several speakers reiterated these warnings.

So here we are after a waterfall decline in stocks that began on February 20th, and a 50% retracement on the heels of massive central bank intervention led by the Federal Reserve who stated they were prepared to commit “unlimited” amounts of money to keep the investment markets functioning.

Not surprisingly there are no shortage of questions about stocks, bonds, precious metals and currencies. But before we can respond…

Two Big Questions Need To Be Answered

Analysts concur that the global economy is going to take a massive hit – including the US and Canada.  The question is – how much of the negative news have the markets already anticipated?  Have they factored in a 10% drop to growth and earnings? A 20% drop?

How you answer the question (along with your own personal circumstances) will determine whether you should sell – because there is much more negative news for the markets to digest. Or buy – because you think the market has already discounted a worst case scenario so there’s nowhere to go but up.

A second question regards the statement by the Federal Reserve to spend “unlimited” amounts of money to assure the smooth functioning of the investment markets. The stock market took that as a major positive, while gold took it as inflationary. It pleased the bond market because the Fed and other central banks are guaranteeing to be there to buy when very few investors are willing.

But will it be enough in a world awash with over $255 trillion in debt? Can the Federal Reserve bail-out everyone? Or will problems in other countries erupt to derail North American financial institutions, hedge funds and other investors?  That’s a big question. Some would say THE question.

So What Do Some of The Best Analysts In The World Think?

You’ll have a chance to find out in the coming weeks thanks to some private videotaped conversations that I’m going to have with some of the top analysts. The ones who warned about the massive decline.

For example, on the evening of February 7th at the World Outlook Financial Conference, Mark Leibovit, who was just named Timer’s Digest Timer of the Year, warned investors, “I would not be a buyer until the end of the year.” Not a fun recommendation made two weeks before the panic set in but I liked how he emphasized the wide variety of indicators that were negative by reminding us that even the Super Bowl was giving a bearish signal! The winners, the Kansas City Chiefs, play in the AFC and 90% of the time a victory by teams in that conference coincided with a down market.

Mark also forecast a big rally in the bond markets, which also happened. Not surprisingly people want to know what’s next. Mark talked about two corrections, is the second coming and will it retest the lows?

What about bonds and interest rates? Have they reached the lows and is it time to bail-out of bonds?  And what about gold? It’s rallied, but can it break through above $1765 close to confirm a new level?

Your Chance To Get Answers

Over the next month we are going to feature weekly private interviews with some of the analysts, like Mark Leibovit, whose work was correctly aligned with the market movements – and we are going share these interviews with subscribers of our Inside Edge Service. The interviews will get right to the point.  Twelve to fifteen minutes to get the bottom line on buy and sell signal for a variety of markets.

In order to survive and thrive in these highly volatile markets we need a road map and that’s the goal of these interviews.  For current members of the Inside Edge access is absolutely free.

If you are not currently a subscriber this is a great time to consider joining. Not only do you get access to these private interviews, you also receive the regular weekly updates from our network of analysts, AND as an added bonus your subscription will include access to ALL the 2020 World Outlook Financial Conference archive videos. There will also be the option to purchase access to the upcoming private interviews on an individual basis. CLICK HERE for more information and to subscribe.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

My sincere best wishes for you and your family,