Mike’s Midweek Comment

Michael’s makes sense of so many deflationary factors including Volkswagen’s 11 million car re-call, other companies with huge problems, the hash-up in Alberta’s economy, bonds, interest rates….lessons to be learned everywhere right now

Michael on interest rates, the end of the bull market in Bonds, and the Federal Reserve’s decision on rates this thursday at 11am.

Michael remarks on the Bank of Canada holding interest rates steady,  the current state of the Economy as well as the Asian markets exploding to the upside.

Wild action in the markets & its time to seize huge opportunities, avoid calamitous errors. Michael on what he’s doing with his own money in stocks, Oil, forecasts interest rates, rescession….. 

Michael declares if he is Bullish or Bearish the Markets after the Global Stock Market smashup. Also, its impact on the Economy, Jobs and pensions….

Michael states outright that there is a lot of things to talk about in this Mid-Week Interview. North American Markets sold off hard Wednesday on fears of China’s outlook, Oil hitting new lows, the Canadian Dollar under  76 cents, Shanghai Index continuing to fall