Mike’s Midweek Comment

Michael explains the nuts and bolts of the biggest financial story of the year, what’s happening with the fascinating Chinese currency devaluation that has had major implications for the entire world 

As the Canadian Federal Election unfolds Michael talks about the #1 issue a recent Ipsos Reid poll says is economics & finance that is at the top of mind for Canadian voters 

Michael breaks down the ever-increasing power of the central banks and the implications of continuing low interest rates to Canadians.

*Interview starts at the 1:41 mark – Michael on 2 important themes, the speed things are happening WorldWide, and a 70 cent CDN Dollar in play due to the continuing slump in the Commodity Sector

Michael’s 8 min interview on the sudden Bank of Canada drop down to 0.5%, downward 1st half CDN growth, the dramatic drop in the CDN$ to new lows yesterday and the Global implications

Michael guest is renowned forecaster A. Gary Shilling. Michael comments on the dramatic changes that are around us, and how w