Mike’s Midweek Comment

The Chinese stock market disaster & its impact on you. Down 7% on monday, more Tues/Wed, then plunges 7% in 30 minutes Thurs before trading halted

Michael’s Top Story of the Year is the one that has greatest effect on us as individuals. Also the Most Overlooked Story of the Year. Oil collapse, CDN Dollar collapse, record low interest rates, China, Pensions…. or???

The Federal reserve raised interest rates and its impact globally, nationally, personally and in stocks, bonds and currencies are the topics in this week’s Mid-Week Update

Price forecasts of plummeting oil, the Canadian Dollar as well as the impact of Janet Yellen’s interest rate move are in this weeks mid-week update. OPEC’s announcement, Yellen’s coming move on interest rates 

The Economic and financial implications, of the “Climate Change” soiree going on in Paris between November 30th and December 11th. Lost opportunities?  You bet…..

Mike on what to look for in the coming “incredibly difficult period” and the Parliamentary Budget Office’s revised forecast for lower Economic growth thru 2020