Mike’s Midweek Comment

Michael analyses the role of Hedge Funds in the big up days in the markets on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Oil, Gold and personal finance are also discusssed. Additionally Iran has not agreed to join with Russia and Saudi Arabia

Michael issues a warning! While with weak economic growth numbers, the Federal Reserve in the US has decided that interest rates will not be going up in the near term. 

With Oil and the Canadian Dollar both off their lows and stocks postitive, Michael answers the question “is this the calm before the storm, or is the bottom in place?”

All Eyes on the Federal Reserve, and in this interview Michael covers the Fed’s recent moves and its effect on all markets

Michael will be back on duty in a few days – Editor Moneytalks.net

In this interview Michael addresses price increases, the continuing slide of the Canadian Dollar, the price of Oil, and whether we are near the bottom or not