Mike's Daily Comment

The Federal Liberals Continue to Write the Latest Chapter In How NOT to Handle a Scandal

Well, yes the blatant interference by the federal Liberals in the SNC Lavalin case is as they say, all about jobs  – at least Liberal MPs jobs in Quebec. Hearing the constant “it’s all about jobs” mantra from the Prime Minister must be hard to hear for anyone working in the energy industry in Alberta and BC.

Is The Stress Test About To Go?

Pressure is mounting on the federal government to change – or better still, get rid of the mortgage stress test, which combined with higher rates and higher taxes in BC and Toronto have killed the housing market while putting housing out of reach for tens of thousands of Canadians. All to deal with a problem that didn’t exist – and still doesn’t.

The Wrong People Are Making Investment Decisions With Your Money

Would you rather have a politician make your investment decisions or an expert with a long track record of picking winners? It’s an important question because right now politicians are “investing” millions, even billions, of your money into specific companies as if they have the background or expertise.  Is it any wonder so much of it is wasted.

How Can Anyone Be Surprised That Bullying is a Problem

Our societal models are based on confrontation where disrespect and demonizing opponents is the norm. Shaming and bullying is the norm on an increasing number of subjects. Let’s face it, we love the politics of division and labour/management strife but then somehow we’re surprised that bullying is a problem.

Moneytalks – The Entire Show

Mike asks who benefits from the billions spent on business subsidies and tax incentives while leading gold analyst, Eric Coffin talks about the latest rise in the precious metals. Victor Adair talks about the one big event you should know about in the markets just before the Hall of Fame Goofy Award.

LIVE WEBINAR – Thriving Through Economic Turbulence: 3 Real Estate Strategies

Justin Smith and the team at Hawkeye Wealth made this presentation as part of the 2019 World Outlook Financial Conference on Feb 1st & 2nd. They have been kind enough to offer it to our entire audience by way of a live webinar at 7pm on Wednesday, Feb. 27th. Registration is limited to the first 500 so don’t delay! CLICK HERE to reserve your space.

The presentation introduces three of their favourite real estate strategies to help investors navigate the obstacles facing us in 2019, including:

  • Increased government interference and regulation in the real estate sector
  • Slow growth in the Canadian and Global economy
  • High levels of inflation
  • Rising interest rate environments in Canada and US