Live Post-Show Webinar “Portfolio Alternative to Government Bonds & GIC’s”

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As government bond yields and GIC rates approach 0%, a crisis for “safe” fixed income investment is already here and set to worsen. Wise investors are seeking high income with safety of principal. An intelligent solution to long-term government bonds and GIC’s is a well-diversified basket of Alternative Investments that can generate 7% – 8%+ YIELD with limited portfolio volatility.

Join Andrew Ruhland and the team at Integrated Wealth Management right after MoneyTalks’ September 26th show for our free webinar. Participation is limited so CLICK HERE to reserve your space now.

  • How Alternative Investments fit into your Current & Retirement Portfolio
  • Why owning Alternative Investments reduces portfolio volatility and enhances returns
  • An overview of the growing Private Credit market and how investors can benefit
  • Examples of Private Credit firms and how they operate to consistently generate high returns while protecting client capital
  • How professional portfolio managers improve results for clients in identifying and managing Alternative Investments